Street works

Selected street works “310”, realized in different cities around the world from 2009 to 2016. It’s the stories from everyday’s dynamic life of the big cities, but at the same flavored little old-fashioned and nostalgic aesthetics from the pages of comic books. All street work “310” have a close relationship and often prompted by the context, texture and shape, the environment of the wall. Boldly and dynamically constructed composition with a dominant diagonals sometimes even beyond the vertical walls, the most engaging interaction with the urban landscape of cities.

Moscow, 2015
310squad Moscow 2015 flacon


Marrakech, 2015
310squad marrakech 15

Barcelona, 2014
310squad Barcelona 2014

Moscow, 2014
310squad moscow 2014

Ufa, 2012
310squad ufa 11

Zaragoza, 2010
310squad  Zaragoza 2010

Zaragoza, 2010310 squad - zaragoza- 2010.


Berlin, 2011310squad berlin 2011

Moscow, 2009
310squad moscow 2009