Illegal works

A selection of works from 2006 to 2015, made illegal. Despite the obvious public interest in street art, the process of legalization and institutionalization of this trend in Russia, street artists nevertheless continue to make illegal work, as it were, once again confirming its own status “street”. Despite the abundance of festivals, private orders and gallery exhibitions, street art is dirt on the walls, one of the most important tasks which – artist statement “I am”, “I was here.” The works “310” is just a label area, an attempt to assert themselves in the city.
Compared with the legal work they are relatively smaller in size and level of detail that is easily explained by the speed of execution. At the same time, they are of interest as an example of the artist: comparing the work of the mid-2000s and the last few years, the growth of artistic skill is obvious: the work become more concise and compositionally balanced and raster point being consolidated. Among the illegal work there are two main areas: writing “310” in different variations and narrative compositions with images of favorite characters.

Moscow, 2015
310squad moscow 15.

Ufa, 2013
310squad ufa 2012

Moscow, 2009310 squad - moscow 09

Moscow, 2009310 squad- moscow-09

Moscow, 2009310squad 2008

Moscow, 2009310squad - moscow- 09

Moscow, 2009310squad- moscow-09.

Moscow, 2009310squad-moscow-2009

Moscow, 2008

Moscow, 2007
310squad-moscow .07

Sevilla, 2010

Moscow, 2009
310squad 2009 moscow

Moscow, 2009
310squad moscow 2009.

Moscow, 2008
310 squad-moscow-08

Moscow, 2006
310squad- moscow- 07